3 MAC Alumni landed on top 10 in the PLE 2019 Monday, Mar 25 2019 4:22PM

The Manila Adventist College congratulates its alumni who successfully passed the recently concluded Physician Licensure Examination in March 2019.

Among them, Dr. Daniel Panaglima, Dr. Jessa Elaine Fronda, and Dr. Wilma Cleo Yvonne Dapog emerged as topnotchers, ranking third, fifth, and tenth place respectively.

They had completed their pre-med program, BS Nursing, at MAC in 2012 and took the Nurses Licensure Exam exam following their graduation, in which two of them, Dapog and Fronda, were among those who garnered the highest places as well.

During one of their testimonials, the newly licensed doctors related how the values that they had learned and the network of friends that they met during their stay at MAC were instrumental in the pursuit of their medical degree in Cebu City. More than attaining academic excellence, they emphasized the importance of surrendering their plans to God that led them to this remarkable achievement.

Last Updated: Mar 26, 2019