Manila Adventist College

Healthy Bites® Vegetarian Restaurant

Healthy Bites® Vegetarian Restaurant at Adventist Medical Center Manila promotes the health and well-being of  students, employees,  and customers of Manila Adventist College by providing affordable, healthy, nutritious, well-balanced vegetarian meals.

Services Offered

In-patient food service
Diet counselling for Students, In-patient and Out-patient according to doctor's order
Catering Services for all occasions such as anniversaries, seminars, weddings and meetings.
Training Nutrition, Dietetic students and nursing students for hospital practicum, nutrition therapy laboratory and food service practicum.

Freshly Baked Whole Wheat Products

Loaf Bread
Pan De Sal
Cinnamon Loaf and Rolls
Ensaimada Roll
Cheese Rolls
Spanish Bread
Cheese Bread
Banana Bread
Vegan Bread
Vegan Cinnamon Bread
Vegan Carrot Sesame Oats Bread
Wheat Germ Cookies
Sesame Oats Cookies

Fruit Shake Corner
Available from 9:30 am – 6:00 pm