Student Organizations

Supreme Student Government (SSG)

The Supreme Student Government is the umbrella organization of student groups and organizations in the college.

College Varsity Team

College Varsity Team is created to organize the students who have athletic talents and skills. The objectives of this club to enhance the athletic skills of the students; develop leaders; promote sportsmanship and friendship; conduct school promotions through games with other institutions and schools; and promotion health through sports.

Student Publication

Students with interest and skills in writing, photography, graphic arts and design are free to join either that Traces or the Semblance. These are the student publications managed by separate editorial boards. Joining these student publication is done through a selected process administered by the Publication Committee of the College.

Professional Clubs

There are several professional clubs in the campus where students join according to their major field of study. Aside from promoting fellowship of camaraderie among the students in the academic department, these club sponsor or promote seminars, workshops, conventions and others that will enhance the professional development of the students.

Some of these professional clubs are the: Nightingale Club for students taking up the nursing course. RTFacts for students majoring in Radiologic Technology; PTkan for the students enrolled in Physical Therapy; Channels of Blessing (COB) for students taking up business courses; Midwifery Club for the students enrolled in the Midwifery course.

Internuncios Chorale

The Internuncios Chorale is the official choir of the college. It is tasked to provide the primary choral music needs of the official functions of the college, represent the College in official meeting of the Adventist Church.

Sacred Chorale

The Sacred Chorale aims to proclaim the gospel through songs; interest and immerse the members in sacred music, inspire churches; equip member in church music ministry; promote friendship among members; and assist in the worship service of the MAC Church.

Teatro Kalinangan

The Teatro Kalinangan is committed to the preservation of the Philippine culture, values and traditions through different theater genre. It envisions to become a well-known promoter of Filipino culture and values in the College community.

Crossover Ministry

The Crossover Ministry is an organization of students whose primary goal is to help community member with emergency needs including food, clothing, household items and other basic necessities. Whenever possible and appropriate they are helped to cross over to a more self-sufficient and fulfilling life.

International Student Organization

All foreign students enrolled in MAC are encouraged to join this organization which primarily helps them to come and still enjoy college life even while away from home.

Last Updated: May 11, 2018